Adhesive Fire/Smoke Gasketing

- COLORS: Black, White, Grey, Brown
- AVAILABLE LENGTHS: 17', 21', 25', 30', 204', 510'
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Product Description
Product Description
These self-adhesive perimeter seals are fitted in the rebate of a door frame to contain smoke, sound, draughts, dust and light.Strategically located in the impact free zone, the seal adheres to the frame quickly and easily without having to remove the door.The Flexi-Wing hinge further reduces friction and resistance while retaining superior fire, smoke and acoustic performance.

The seal consists of a semi-rigid, flexible flame retardant PVC carrier combined with twin elastomeric sealing blades. An aggressive self-adhesive backing tape is situated on both sides of the carrier.NB. To ensure proper adhesion, contact surfaces must be clean & any paint well-cured.

* equipped with two rows of durable self-adhesive backing tape

* suitable for sound insulation and for smoke sealing.

* ensures soft closing of the door.

* also suitable for retro-fit applications.
Adhesive Gasketing/Adhesive Weatherstrip
rigid PVC base, flexible PVC fins
Self Adhesive 3M Tape
1000mm, 2100mm, 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm
Black, White, Clear, Brown, Gray, Tan and Custom
Sound insulaton and fire/smoke protection.
Working Temperature
-15°C to +60°C
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