4591 Deadlatch Paddle
4591 Deadlatch Paddle

- Material: Aluminum Body+Zinc Base
- Finishes:Clear Anodized Aluminum
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Product Description
Product Description


An alternative to knob or lever handles. Makes opening a latched door as natural as opening an unlatched one – just push or pull in the direction in which the door swings.


Available in four configurations: push left, push right, pull left, and pull right. Can be reconfigured to any mode in the field.Dogging may not be utilized in pull configuration.

 PaddleExtruded aluminum.
 Escutcheons: Zinc alloy with black finish. Secured to door stile with special binder posts that extend into the escutcheon to rigidly resist         torque loads in any direction.
 Paddle Dogging: “PUSH” version only: Turning hex key in escutcheon holds the paddle down, leaving door free swinging.                             Dogging key provided.
 Standard Package: Individually boxed with mounting hardware.

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