Door Finger Pinch Guard

- Proven standard roller protector
- Hard-wearing synthetic fibre fabric
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Product Description


A unique, inconspicuous and easy to install finger pinch protector guard for door hinges designed to prevent

fingers being trapped in opening and closing doors. This Complete Door Safety System Set covers both the

inside and outside door hinges.


With some 300,000 reported incidents of amputated, mutilated or damaged fingers in doors per year, Fingersafe

is designed specifically to prevent fingers from being damaged in the hinged end of doors. Besides the cost in 

trauma, treatment and disability, the owner or manager of a facility could be held responsible and incur litigation 

for personal injury. Havingidentified the need in the market, Fingersafe was developed as the original finger pinch 

protector guard for door hinges.

YOTI Finger Pinch Protector Guards for Door Hinges Applications

YOTI is compatible with all types of standard hinged doors including: fire doors, wood, metal, aluminum, YKK type

openings and dutch doors. Resistant to UV light, Fingersafe is designed for interior or exterior use. Specific uses 

include schools andother educational facilities, childcare and healthcare centers, homes for the elderly and infirm

 as well as residential use. It iscommercially specified for restaurants, fast food outlets, as well as government and 

military buildings.

YOTI Finger Pinch Protector Guards for Door Hinges Description

YOTI offers no resistance or restriction to the door operation and allows over 180 degrees of operation. It protects 

the full length of the door on each side of the hinged end of door. The YDF101 is a flexible, accordion shaped fitting 

designed to actually eject fingers from being trapped or crushed in the “push” side of doors. When the door is 

closed the fitting is compressed, but when the door is opened the fitting extends and provides a protective covering

over the hinged end space. The accordion piece lies flat against the frame when the door is closed for aesthetically


pleasing design. YDF101 units are installed via a fixing strip which allows easy access to the hinge for maintenance.

Materials and Finishes

Made in China. PVC with TPE hinges designed for commercial use. Dimensions Stock lengths are 80 inches, 

84 inches, 96 inches Appearance Available in White (default), Black, Brown, Grey and Almond at no extra cost.


Unlike an inferior finger shield or wrap around device, YOTI allows even a fire door to open to 180 degrees and 

actually ejects the finger before an injury can occur. YOTI is aesthetically pleasing: YOTI lies flat against the 

frame unobtrusively when the door is closed. It also offers draft exclusion and is a smoke inhibitor.


YOTI is resistant to most household chemicals such as bleach, alcohol and other multi surface disinfectants and 

may be cleaned with any readily available cleaning products.


Simple to install in minutes. Retrofitted to existing doors using self tapping screws and installation accessories are 

included. See our installation page for further details.