Meet the Environmental Protection Standard

From an environmental management perspective, we have stopped the use of toxic chemicals since 2011, and acquired permits based on air, water, and waste-related laws and regulations; and also controlled the pollution discharge to conform with the environmental protection standards.

Environmental Policy

In order to slow down the impact of climate change under global warming, we worked to strive for a perfect balance between business development and environmental protection. At the same time, we passed the ISO14001 environment management system certification and proposed the following commitments.

  1. Ensure that an effective environment protection system, bring environment management, pollution prevention & control, and continuous improvement into effect, and reduce environmental impact.
  2. Strengthen the improvement of processes, control the operation of pollution preventive & control equipment, conduct regular inspections, and comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements.
  3. Energy conservation & carbon reduction, recycling & reuse, resource conservation, and pollution prevention & control.
  4. Enhance employee training, raise employee awareness of environmental protection, and fulfill the responsibility of environmental protection.



Air Pollution Prevention and Control

Particulate pollutants reduced by approximately 11%


Energy Conservation

In 2017, the nighttime energy consumption of printers and water dispensers were controlled, old air-conditioning equipment was replaced, and selected lighting was replaced by LED lighting, all of which contributed to the total energy conservation of 321,984 MJ


Water Pollution Prevention and Control

The results of water quality testing met the standard in 2017.


Greenhouse Gas Inventory

In 2017, old equipment was replaced, and equipment temperatures were adjusted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1477.6946 metric tons of carbon dioxide