C 1116
Sliding Door Handle

Material: Aluminum
Finish: Painted
Color: White
Hole Center to Center: 4-15/16"
Latch Style: Clamp Style
Handle Type: Surface Mounted
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Product Description

This White patio door handle is a surface with clamp latch style. Often found on older style patio doors, 

it is mounted on the door's inside frame and the clamp latch latches onto an extrusion (astragal) on the 

jamb. It has 2 inch high extruded aluminum inside handle. The clamp has a 1/4 inch profile and 1/2 inch 

projection when in locked position. The outside handle is a white diecast non-keyed handle. To key this 

unit order the E 2000 lock cylinder.

◇Inside Handle is White Extruded Aluminum.

◇Inside Handle Height is 2 inches

◇Outside handle is White Diecast

◇4-15/16 inch mounting holes


◇Non-Keyed (see E 2000 to key this unit)

◇Clamp latch has a 1/4 inch profile and 1/2 inch projection

◇Used by many Patio Door Manufacturers